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Aikido is a defensive, non-competitive, highly sophisticated Japanese martial art.  Through Aikido movement, joint locks and projection throws, students learn to blend with and redirect attacks from one or multiple opponents.

Techniques are based on movement and leverage minimizing the need for physical strength, making Aikido training suitable for men and women.  Aikido is not a sport and there are no competitive tournaments.  Students learn through repetitive practice, taking turns as attackers and defenders in an energetic yet studious atmosphere. 

Aikido training emphasizes circular movement, physical conditioning and the development of a core balance and strength to blend with an attacker for the resolution of conflict.  The flowing nature of the techniques along with proper breathing permits a sense of relaxation during critically stressful times. Thus, through Aikido training, a student hones their personal clarity and confidence bringing about improved conflict resolution in everyday life, whether verbal, emotional or physical.

The origins of Aikido dates back to feudal Japan.  Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba, commonly known as O Sensei (Great Teacher).  O Sensei studied a variety of traditional martial arts and became one of the most renowned martial artists of his day.

O Sensei was a man of deep spiritual beliefs.  He came to the realization that fighting was ultimately futile and that aggression only begets more aggression.  He concluded that the road to ultimate victory came not from fighting but harmonizing with conflict.  Aikido is the physical expression of his beliefs.


Dr. Alan Drysdale is the director of the aikido programs at Enmei Dojo in Titusville and at the Bamboo Dojo. Dr. Drysdale is the author of three books on aikido "Doing Aikido" an instructional manual for intermediate students and "Aikido - Moving On", for more advanced students and instructors and an e-book available on Amazon "Aikido - Walking on Water". These books were written without the smoke and mirrors of most martial arts books, making it easier for the practitioner to understand what he or she is actually supposed to do. Dr. Drysdale is a fifth degree black belt in Aikido who has been practicing aikido in England and the USA for over 40 years.  Dr. Drysdale is also a 4th degree black belt in Yoshukai karate.

Please visit www.enmeidojo.com for more information.


Sensei David Ederer began training in Aikido in 2000.  Shortly after moving to Vero Beach in 2001 he continued his training under the supervision of Dr. Alan Drysdale.  Mr. Ederer is a 2nd degree black belt and became the aikido instructor at the Bamboo Dojo in 2005.  Mr. Ederer continues to develop his practice with Sensei Drysdale and also trains regularly at several different Aikido dojos in Florida, Washington, DC and Massachusetts.  He trained in Judo for several years prior to beginning his Aikido training.